1. The hardest part of using a sealant is finding one that lasts and is eco-friendly. On the log home I used a water based sealant from my area but it only lasted a couple of years. It is a big job to refinish and this is probably why the home was in such poor shape when we bought it. The previous owner hadn’t kept up the maintenance. Something that must be done on a log home.

    Terry, your eco friend.

  2. Elmer’s casein glue is made of milk prteoin and eco-friendly’.Most sealants are not bio-degradable by nature.The most eco-friendly’ woud be shellac, (all organic,both the lacuer and the alcohol solvent), but it’s far from thebest sealant you can get.It should be adequate for indoor use though.It’s available in both gloss’ and matte’ finish.

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