Baxter and the Butterflies eBook

Baxter and the Butterflies eBook

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I am a really big nature lover and I love to photograph Butterflies, Bumblebees and other small animals, insects, flora and fauna. I also have a very remarkable and loveable dog. Baxter show us nature through the eyes of a loveable, sometimes sloppy, somewhat slobbery, very large dog and teach children to love nature as well.

This Baxter the Big Dog Book takes you through a day where Baxter is miniaturized and wants to play with butterflies and a lone moth. Unfortunately the butterflies and moth have day jobs and must work.

All is not lost though as the book has a happy ending and everyone gets to play.

This eBook

  • Passes on a love of nature photography to children
  • Goes through several butterfly types naming them so that children may understand the diversity in shapes and colors
  • Teaches children that yes mom and dad may have to work but they can play at the end of the day

iTunes Link: Baxter and the Butterflies