EV Goes 218 Miles (351 Km) on a Single Charge

EV Goes 218 Miles (351 Km) on a Single Charge

I am a big fan of electric vehicles and would love one as my next  mode of transportation.

One of problems with most Electric Vehicles is that they don’t travel very far on a charge. The newest vehicle from Sim-Drive is purported to change this. In tests the Sim-Wil was able to go 218 miles or 351 km on a single charge.

With plans to bring this electric vehicle to market by 2014, the Sim-Drive Advanced Development Model No. 2 has achieved 351 km on a single charge, as well as an increase of reliability that will make future mass-production possible.

The SIM-WIL also boasts improved acceleration, riding comfort, and livability— requirements that must be met in order to popularize an electric vehicle.

The SIM-WIL uses two of SIM-Drive’s fundamental technologies—a direct drive in-wheel motor and component built-in frame— is characterized by:

  • 351 km of range per charge
  • Cabin space comparable to that of large cars although it is classified as a small car
  • 0–100 km/h acceleration in 5.4 seconds, comparable to that of a mid-level sports car
  • Main body combines a steel monocoque structure with a steel space frame
  • Minimum turning radius of 5.4 m despite having a longer wheelbase
  • 47 different technologies were contributed by several participating organizations.

The SIM-WIL has a larger cabin space but looks like a small car. The frame has been designed to accommodate the batteries from the start so they don’t reduce the interior space or body size.

I think it looks pretty cool. Now I just hope it is more affordable than other choices currently available.