Off-Grid Straw Bale in Goldendale, WA

Off-Grid Straw Bale in Goldendale, WA

Tobiah and his wife, raised their two kids on this five acre homestead. He often gives straw bale home building workshop, so there were a lot of small buildings on his land.

Tobia's Straw Bale home

Tobia’s straw bale home

Tobiah and his wife live in what they call the round house. This straw bale home includes the kitchen and living areas. There is a separate building for the toilet as well as a bathhouse building. Tobiah also had pv electricity powered by several remnants strung together. Many given to him. They may not be the prettiest of arrays, but they work.

A large garden has fed his family for many years, although his children were now living and working in the nearby town.

He is of retirement age presently, but that doesn’t stop him from building his dream home.

He showed us the foundation slab from this future home along with a small wooden 3D model he had made. He spoke fondly of this newest creation, a home on the main floor and a year round garden/green house upstairs.

Self sufficiency is very important to Tobiah and his dream is to inspire people to live a self-sufficient lifestyle. Tobiah is somewhat of an inventor and although he lives simply, he has great ideas to help people live this way.

The model for their next straw bale home

The model for their next straw bale home

He knows he can’t change the world but he continues to do his part and holds workshops to inspire others to a better lifestyle.

Tobiah is a good man.