North Vancouver, BC: Eco-Friendly renovation

North Vancouver, BC: Eco-Friendly renovation

North Vancouver, BC: ECO Renovation

Dave's eco-friendly home

The door to Dave’s eco-friendly home

Doug lives in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Although Doug has a photovoltaic system on his roof, he teaches that sometimes it really is the envelope that your should look at, before you try to add renewable energies to your home. Doug does site analysis for homeowners and is honest in telling his clients what the best way is to spend their dollars. Sometimes it’s the simple things that make the difference.

And Doug practices what he preaches. The first thing Doug he when renovating his small 100 year old home was to insulate the walls and ceiling and replace leakey windows. His home was dark from the front area but big back windows let in plenty of natureal light.

I just loved Dave’s front door. Dave replaced the original front door with this character one. He salvaged a window from a boat which just seemed to fit in his home a short distance from the sea.