Genetic engineering: The world’s greatest scam?

This is a shorter video than my Genetic Roulette post. Coming from Green Peace International it tells you who is behind GMOs and the dangers to our food supply. Genetic engineering is a threat to food security, especially in a changing climate. The introduction of genetically manipulated organisms by choice or by accident grossly undermines […]

Do we really need industrial agriculture to feed the world?

“The world’s population keeps growing. By 2050, we’ll have to double food production. For that we’ll need genetic engineering, advanced pesticides, and fertilizer – lots of fertilizer. That’s why we’re working every day, hand-in-hand with farmers and their families.” Or do we? “Messages like this one seem to be popping up everywhere. But who’s really behind […]

Norman, the ECO-Warrior

Normally I wouldn’t post an advertisement video but I love the humor in this one and its message for sustainable living. Meet Norman. He’s not your everyday house cat. Little by little he’s helping to save our oceans.

Gratitude and Happiness: TedxSF video

This piece shows Louie Schwartzbergs award-winning photography and short film on Gratitude and Happiness. Brother David Steindl-Rast’s spoken words, Gary Malkin’s musical compositions and Louie’s cinematography make this a stunningly beautiful piece, reminding us of the precious gift of life, and the beauty all around us.

The Story of Change

The Story of Change

My friends from the Story of Stuff have created a new movie: The Story of Change. This explores how we want to become greener by buying greener stuff… but perhaps buying less is really the answer?

Old pallets are not garbage. See the many uses…

If you think old wood pallets are garbage, think again. Mark was looking for a rain barrel to fit the look of a new deck area. He came across this video… enjoy The Canadian Wood Pallet & Container Association has launched a campaign to encourage people to recycle and reuse wood packaging material. Courtesy of

I am the wind… (video story)

I am the wind… (video story)

I have written about a wind turbine in San Francisco: HGTVs World Greatest Homes. This video tries to strip the politics from wind energy and show the benefits that wind power can bring schools, farms, businesses and communities. Talco, is the video sponsor and they help customers install small-scale wind turbines.

Low-tech, low plastic vegetable storage method

In this 3:38 minute video A Korean artist shows her low-tech method for keeping vegetables fresh – outside of the fridge.

EV Goes 218 Miles (351 Km) on a Single Charge

EV Goes 218 Miles (351 Km) on a Single Charge

I am a big fan of electric vehicles and would love one as my next  mode of transportation. One of problems with most Electric Vehicles is that they don’t travel very far on a charge. The newest vehicle from Sim-Drive is purported to change this. In tests the Sim-Wil was able to go 218 miles or […]

How to make REnewables Consistent

On the electrical grid right now, the amount of generation has to be exactly equal to the amount of consumption. This is the handicap that renewable sources face: there is no way to store the energy to “flatten” out the production curve. The common understanding these days is that for every MW of wind or […]

The Aurora

Beautiful… Terje Sorgjerd is a passionate landscape photographer and filmmaker from Norway.He spent a week capturing one of the biggest aurora borealis shows in recent years. Shot in and around Kirkenes and Pas National Park bordering Russia, at 70 degree north and 30 degrees east. Temperatures around -25 Celsius. Good fun. Follow Facebook:

Global warming in 26 seconds

26 second NASA video showing the average global temperature from the mid 20th century

The girl who silenced the world – 5 very powerful minutes!

We live a privileged life in North America but this is not the same in other parts of the world. Young Sevren Suzuki speaks for the generations to come…

7 Home Solar Power Myths… Busted!

7 Home Solar Power Myths… Busted!

The following article comes from Planet Save and is By Britt Mauriss On January 27, 2012. The feature photo is by your eco friend Terry. You know it as well as I do—the home solar trend is taking off, as concerns about climate change and rising electricity costs point to clean, renewable solar as a solution. And even though residential solar […]